How to Order
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Order Procedure

 1.You should download the demo programs and try them out. Demo program files are eitherzipped files or self extracting zipped files.  You can use popular Winzip program to unzip the zipped files into a temporary directory.  For self extracting files, place it into a temporary directory and double click on it to extract the setup related files.  Once unzipped or extracted, find setup.exe file and run it to start an installation.

2. If you like the program and like to register, you should get the Hard Drive Serial Number of your c:\ drive and e-mail to us at or fill out a Registration Order FormHard drive serial number is same as the volume serial number of your hard drive.  Everytime your format your hard drive, the hard drive gets assigned to a unique serial number.  You can get this number in two ways.  You can get this number by going to the demo program and under Help menu, clicking Get Hard Drive Serial Number command.  Or at a dos prompt type "dir" to get a directory listing.  You can find the volume serial number at the top (first line) of the directory listing.  This number is necessary for registering a copy and copy protection.  Please indicate the program name, quantity, hard drive serial number for each copy, and your e-mail address.

3. Once we receive the hard drive serial number, we will compile the registered version of the program and send it to you via e-mail attachment or make it available for ftp downloading. You can receive the registered copy within an hour.  Then we will fax you and mail you the invoice.

4. All you have to do is to replace the newly compiled file with the old demo file (usually just one file). And process the payment by the following payment options;
    Purchase Order
    Personal Check
    Money Order
    Certified Check
    Wire Transfer ($10.00 fee per transfer)
    Credit Card (Fax us the credit card information)

***Please make sure checks are drawn by an American bank.  Otherwise, it will be sent back.

5. Please send a check to the below address.
Jaejin Software
107 Irving Street
Leonia, NJ 07605 , USA
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107 Irving Street , Leonia, NJ 07605 , USA Tel: (201)592-7034