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Faster Display!  Faster Detection!  Faster Fitting!  Faster Analysis!
Group analysis and curve fitting added enhanced features for faster fitting. RMS noise calculation function.  Preference settings window adds more customizable options.  More shortcut keys for enhanced navigation.

Mac users can run Mini Analysis Program under Virtual PC v. 2.0.  Data Array features the ability to combine event data from many event files as well as from graph data.  Print many graphs on one page.  Change graph properties, such as graph title, axis title, axis tick label frequency, etc..

ABF Utility program is released.  Now users of Igor, Pulse, or John Dempster's CDR program can convert their data files to ABF (axon binary file) format and analyze with the Mini Analysis Program.  The utility program can also merge multiple ABF files into one file, which is useful for combining data from several experimental conditions.
Graph function is further improved by an addition of multiple plots in the graph window.
Occasional 'Runtime Error: Overflow' error has been eliminated.

Double and multiple peak detection is added to version 3.0. Curve fitting added full functionality and user interface.  All settings can be saved.

Version 3.0 is finished.  Most of the features are added.  Click here to download.
    1.  Curve fitting using simplex algorithm is added.  One exponential and sum of two exponential fitting.
    2.  Kolmogorov-Smirnov test added along with t-test, paired t-test, linear regression, and f-test.
    3.  More plots!!  Added plots are; Inter-event interval histogram, accumulative inter-event histogram, Amplitude vs. Time.
    4.  Now any length of data trace can be displayed, imported and printed.  You can display 5 mininute recording in one trace.
    5.  Simply put, "You don't need any other program to analyse minis!!"

Mini Analysis Program version 3.0 is getting started to develop.  Features to be added are;
    1.  This version will include many statistical tests such as t-test, paired t-test, chi-square test, and Kolmogrove-Smirnov test.
    2.  Curve fitting will much improve to include 2nd order exponential fitting.
    3.  Users will be able to customize(change font size, axis range, axis title, etc.) each plots.
    4.  Inter-event interval plot will be added.
    5.  Users will be able to export or copy pictures as JPEG or GIF, not just BMP.
    6.  Trace window will contain scale bar.
    7.  Will be able to read Pulse data files.
    8.  And much, much, more!!!
If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us and let us know what you think should be added.

Mini Analysis Program version 2.0 is here.  Newly released version gives much more flexibility in analysing your spontaneous events.  You will save lots of time by using this program.

The new updated version of 2.0 is coming up shortly.  Version 2.0 adds many, many new features including, group analysis, column statistics, trace averages, kinetic measurements (10-90 risetime, 1st order exponential decay fitting), easier dislaying, and much, much more.  Be prepared to download the new version in a couple of weeks!!

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